By EdibleStraws Admin

New trend alert: Edible straws

Plastic straws have been an integral part of our daily life for years. For some people, they bring back all kinds of memories, for others they’re simply a must-have for a mojito. In any case, we have all used plastic straws at some point.

But nowadays, we are aware of the disastrous consequences that plastic straws can have on our planet. It is therefore high time to find alternatives.

Several alternatives already exist, each one as creative as the next. But the one which grabbed our attention at La Belle Assiette was of course the edible solution!


What is an edible straw?

Mainly consisting of sugar, the edible straw is the latest fashionable sweet. Rigid, its texture comes as something of a surprise.

After 40 minutes of use, it is time to munch your straw! But don’t worry – the straw won’t dissolve into your drink after this amount of time, it will simply become less rigid.